Studio 54

I was dating an actress and it sucked

Her dead eyes from 4 years of hustle stared back at me when I asked her what life was like

She answered in mere platitudes: you have to do what you want to do-I need this and it is a part of who I am

There was no specificity but she gave me the best sex I’d ever had.

It maybe had to do with her being an actress-I mean come on you become what your career is-and damn was she a good actor.

But sex I mean I can whack off and get the same effect. Maybe not the same satisfaction but the biological response-exactly the same.

There needed to be something more and all there was was a hollow shell surrounded by dead eyes.


“We think she killed the man and the woman who were at the screening on Thursday night. Apparently there was a third person that was with them when she was auditioning for the new tv show.”

“another young woman.”

“The show runners niece?”

“No an intern”

“Yea that’s what I meant”

The niece was an intern?”



“The actress-“

“Marla Maples-no”


“Marla Mooney”

“Change her last name to money with a little blood smeared…”

The voices trailed as they left the bathroom.


“We are in search of a woman-you may know her as Marla Mooney. She was last seen with you.”

A. How in the fuck did people see me and Marla

B. How the fuck would I know. Last I saw her she was wearing a dazzled scale dress and was probably going off to fuck a producer. The artistry with that one never sleeps yet somehow always sleeps around.

“I don’t know where she is.”

“We’re gonna have to take you in for questioning “

I’m in the squad car now. Something about being in the back of a police car even though you haven’t done anything still makes you feel paranoid. I guess that’s how they get innocent people to admit to shit they didn’t do-you gotta make that commission somehow.