So back to Negan


Like the title says…back to Negan.

I have not read the comics but I can assume that a lot of the Jefferey Dean Morgan’s rendition is based off of the wording or actions of the comic book version.

I mean don’t get me wrong I think he is a seriously entertaining character but aside from the shock moment from the death of Glenn I have yet to see Negan do anything remotely surprising. All he has delivered is quick quips and and death fakeouts at the expense of trying to shakeup an unshakeable Darryl.

I’m still waiting. I’m still waiting for that moment where he turns around and kills one of his own men. I guess it also took a few episodes for Breaking Bad’s Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Espinoza) to (spoiler) slit the throat of one of his men.

So with regards to great villains I am waiting for Negan to show off what he has been talking about. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next but at the moment I am not impressed. Maybe he is entertaining and maybe he had that Glenn kill in the beginning but the shock of the kill was made ten times more intense due to the amount of waiting and rumor milling that went into it.

I’d like to see Negan pull some shocking shit of his own off without the help of extra-television effects like constant speculation. Until then I won’t be impressed by him.


The Mural


So I am sitting in the Union Square Barnes and Noble Starbucks at the moment and I have come upon an interesting mirror circumstance when I look up into the walls that are covered with artistic renderings of notable Western authors (there is one from the East-Tagore). What do we have: Orwell, Nabokov, Joyce, Shelly, Wilde, Twain, Shaw, Dickinson, and as I previously noted: Tagore.

But the mirror occurrence as we are all sitting here drinking tea and metaphorically shifting through papers. Key word is metaphorically because we shift through documents on a thin laptop instead of physical papers. You would think the modern day equivalent would be authors on their laptops sipping from Kombucha filled plastic cups with green straws sprouting out. But let’s be honest who really thinks about authors these days? While we are all constantly scrolling down Facebook feeds and watching videos, binge watching Netflix original series, flipping through Snapchat stories, who honestly has time to open a book and read it? Even schools are beginning to acclimate themselves to this new reality of a commerce-centric world where praise for innovative and technocentric entrepreneurs is as ever present as immutable truths such as the rise of artificial intelligence and climate change.

Whatever happened to the appreciation for literary art? Did it die out with our warmth towards strangers as smartphones have replaced our need to force interactions with others? Or is it still alive through other multimedia forms aided by smartphone applications and social media news feeds?  If it is the latter then the democratization of the form has severely crippled its quality. In any case we must force a new intelligence on constituents of the form. The short videos must become more intelligent in their production. The quality of content must force us to think whether it be through laughter or some other reaction that leads to an emotional reaction. This production of mindless 6-12 second video shots that try so hard for a cheap laugh must be replaced by more complex video shots that force us to examine ourselves and the human condition. That is how we continue the tradition of the literary elites. This is how we maintain the quality of the painting of the human condition through the written form.

Because no one reads anymore, our writers need to create damn good video content.







This is beyond my jurisdiction.


Who asked you?


He’s a psychologist.


What would he know?


Well you speak of a sort of induced depression.


It’s not depression.


Are you feeling low right now?


I’ve heard of binaural beats that drove annoyance among normal individuals.


But that couldn’t be anything permanent.


No of course not.


Right temporary.


Obviously revelation is subject to the individual but at the end of the day you are still firing neurons that have been positioned physically by gravity.


Amen to that.

Jo hears Baker say “Amen” and it echo’s in her ears. The Amen becomes a drone. She turns in her chair and slashes at Bilbao’s face. Blood splatters on the seat. Baker can’t believe what she has done-no time-she’s choking him with her bear hands.


Science…will never…replace….god.

Let’s Not Overhype Negan


Alright so coming up on The Walking Dead Season 7 and the two biggest thangs on everyone’s minds:

1.  Who did Negan kill?

2. How much of a badass will Negan be?

Well thanks to the cliffhanger from the last episode of season six we are left wondering about point number one. The quality of the lead up to the ultimate moment is what makes us really obsess over the fact. The continuous roadblocks that trap the group inside of a circle of Saviors-people that obviously know the geography of the area more than Rick’s group-was very well executed. In those final moments we felt like we were actually part of the group (something the creators had done an excellent job of throughout the season).

Moving on to point number two. Negan. The most talked about character since his name was introduced in season 6 episode 9. I mean I had even heard of him a while ago after reading up on the comics in the wiki. So hearing his name finally mentioned for the first time in the show was like hearing of a mythical individual. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s monologue as the villain was no doubt impressive because it showed us the reality of this man in the story. Well alright great we heard the man say some crazy stuff for the last 15 minutes of the season. We know he is going to be ruthless. The problem now is that his marketing for the greater part of the year has been about how ruthless he is going to be-like “this is just the beginning and we haven’t seen anything yet”. There is a rule in writing called “show don’t tell” and although we have seen fifteen minutes of intensity, the telling of this ruthlessness has stretched far beyond that. By definition we are overhyping him and setting up expectations that are so high that if he doesn’t reach them, he will be considered a failure. So I propose (and I may be saying this a little too late) that we not talk about him anymore and allow ourselves to be surprised-that’s probably the most effective marketing strategy for the character at this point.

At this point, I’m thinking of the kind of man that smiles as he lunges towards two zombies and rips their heads off with his barehands and then uses them as cannons to bombard other communities. I’m thinking of a man that actually prefers the zombie apocalypse to the normal world. If the creators can’t beat these expectations then Negan will be a failure.



Studio 54

I was dating an actress and it sucked

Her dead eyes from 4 years of hustle stared back at me when I asked her what life was like

She answered in mere platitudes: you have to do what you want to do-I need this and it is a part of who I am

There was no specificity but she gave me the best sex I’d ever had.

It maybe had to do with her being an actress-I mean come on you become what your career is-and damn was she a good actor.

But sex I mean I can whack off and get the same effect. Maybe not the same satisfaction but the biological response-exactly the same.

There needed to be something more and all there was was a hollow shell surrounded by dead eyes.


“We think she killed the man and the woman who were at the screening on Thursday night. Apparently there was a third person that was with them when she was auditioning for the new tv show.”

“another young woman.”

“The show runners niece?”

“No an intern”

“Yea that’s what I meant”

The niece was an intern?”



“The actress-“

“Marla Maples-no”


“Marla Mooney”

“Change her last name to money with a little blood smeared…”

The voices trailed as they left the bathroom.


“We are in search of a woman-you may know her as Marla Mooney. She was last seen with you.”

A. How in the fuck did people see me and Marla

B. How the fuck would I know. Last I saw her she was wearing a dazzled scale dress and was probably going off to fuck a producer. The artistry with that one never sleeps yet somehow always sleeps around.

“I don’t know where she is.”

“We’re gonna have to take you in for questioning “

I’m in the squad car now. Something about being in the back of a police car even though you haven’t done anything still makes you feel paranoid. I guess that’s how they get innocent people to admit to shit they didn’t do-you gotta make that commission somehow.